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  • International Student Testimonials

Julian Lopez

Julian is from Bogota, Colombia. He earned his undergrad degree in Marketing and is now studying to earn his MBA.

Cinelle Claassens

Cinelle is from South Africa. Her major is in Equine Studies with a concentration in Equine Rehabilitation.

Christian Neira

Christian is from Santiago, Chile. He earned his Business Administration degree while playing on the men's soccer team. Learn more about his experience.

Daniel Cogo

Daniel is from Italy. He is studying business administration and accounting with a finance minor.

Keshav Rati & Sanat Patel

Keshav and Sanat are from India and share their experience of coming to Midway.

Anuprita Mulik

Anuprita is from India and traveled to Midway University to earn her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Victor Bazzo

Victor is from Brazil. He came to MidwayU to study Marketing and is a student-athlete on the men's volleyball team.

Patrick Meyer-Kayser

Patrick came to Midway from Lima, Peru. Hear about his student experience in the Sport Management program.

Paulina Moreno

Paulina is from Edo, Mexico and was a member of the tennis team.

Phillipa Asherwood

Phillipa is from Zambia. She double majored in Biology and Equine Science with a minor in Chemistry.

Max Noel

Max is from France and played soccer at Midway. Hear about his student experience.

Fernando Salazar

Fernando is from Mexico. He is studying Business Administration and on the men's tennis team.