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  • Bell Ringer Society

The MidwayU Bell Ringer Society is a group of passionate people who want to play a part in supporting the mission of Midway University. They come from all walks of life. They are people just like you. They give at least $10 a month to make everything we do possible. We invite you to join them in following these simple steps:

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest news and events happening at MidwayU all the different things we’re doing and how we’re making a difference by subscribing to our mailing list.
  • Follow us on one of many social media channels.
  • Spread the word with others, whether through email or your social media channels. Help others discover MidwayU.
  • Show your support of Midway by making a monthly gift of at least $10 to further our mission.

It’s not about the amount you give, it’s about the legacy you help leave behind. As you discover what MidwayU is doing, we hope you’ll say, ‘Wow, this really is needed!” And as a Bell Ringer, you will continue the tradition of changing the lives of our students.

Become a MidwayU Bell Ringer today by clicking the button below to set up your monthly gift. Together, we can do great things to impact lives.


Once enrolled, your monthly contribution will continue automatically unless you decide to cancel it. It’s that simple.