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  • Public Event Information

Midway University enjoys hosting community meetings and public events. In order to ensure that everyone attending our events has an enjoyable and safe experience, we have some standard rules for events that we ask everyone to abide by. Additional event-specific rules may apply and will be announced in advance of those events.

General Public Events

  • Midway University is a smoke-free campus. We do not allow smoking on our property or inside any buildings.
  • Only properly identified service animals are allowed on campus and inside buildings. Any event allowing leashed animals on campus must gain prior approval from the University.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Duthie Auditorium unless approved as part of a rental agreement. Additionally, no outside food can be brought on campus unless prior approval has been granted. 
  • No weapons allowed. The possession of any and all dangerous weapons is prohibited on Midway’s campus or any Midway University property.
  • Any photography, videography or streaming of events must have prior approval from the University as many entertainers or speakers have contractual agreements that prohibit this. Personal photography or videography is allowed during our Commencement and Nurses Pinning events but individuals are asked to not approach the stage at any time and to respect other audience members during these events and not block their view. There are professional photographers and videographers working during these University events to ensure that a quality image is captured of this special moment. Questions on this can be directed to Ellen Gregory, VP of Marketing & Communications at
  • Media covering an event are asked to identify themselves to the University representative hosting the event when they arrive on campus. Advanced notification is requested, if possible, and should be sent to Ellen Gregory,
  • Anyone attending an event on campus is asked to conduct themselves in a polite and respectful manner. If someone is causing a disturbance or interfering with a presenter or an event they will be asked to leave campus.

Political Events

All of the above rules apply for political events with the addition of the following:

  • No exterior or inside signage is to be posted on campus or carried into the meeting space unless written authorization has been given by the University and the organizing party of the political event.
  • If at any time these rules are not followed visitors could be asked to leave campus.