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  • Getting the Most from an Online Nursing Program

December 21, 2016
If you’re already enrolled, or are thinking about enrolling, in an online nursing program such as Midway University’s RN-BSN program, you’ve already proved that you’ve got the self-discipline, compassion and leadership skills the profession requires. You’ve earned your Associate degree or nursing diploma, you have a current RN license, and you know what it takes to succeed in the healthcare field. If you’ve set your sights on completing a 12-month-long accelerated program to propel you further into your professional nursing career, here are a few tips to support you in achieving your goals.

Become a Time Management Pro

Chances are good that while you’re working toward your degree, you’re also trying to be a good partner/parent/pet owner/friend/relative. That’s a lot of priority juggling! Find workaround solutions that meet your unique needs and temperament. Are you a procrastinator? Create a study calendar. Review your course syllabus in advance and plot out all of the assignment due dates. Work backwards, scheduling in the required reading and study time. Create weekly and daily to-do lists and adhere to them. List your tasks in order of importance, and always tackle the most challenging assignment first when you’re rested and alert. A side benefit of organizing your schoolwork is that you end up with more time for personal R&R.

Become a Technology Management Pro

You’ll be spending more time than ever sitting in front of your computer, so implementing some online boundaries and habits can really help you stay focused.
  • De-clutter your computer’s desktop.  Piles of files all over your desktop lower your productivity and stress you out.
  • Block distracting websites.  Are you tempted to check your Twitter or Facebook feed every five minutes? You’re in good company. Researchers believe this is true for most of us. Use apps like Cold Turkey (PC) or Selfcontrol (Mac) to block attention-diverting websites for a specified period of time to keep your full attention on your coursework.
  • Turn your devices all the way off when studying.  Research from The Harvard Business Review shows that even just anticipating the sounds of your message alerts makes you more error prone and erodes your productivity.

Use the resources and help your instructors offer you

Although online nursing programs like Midway’s are designed to be flexible and allow you to continue working while earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, faculty is always available to meet with you face-to-face to offer personalized attention and assistance throughout the program. If you feel like you’re struggling or falling behind, speak out and reach out. You’ll find a very responsive faculty on the other end of your request for help.

Take Care of Your Body, Mind and Soul

While you’re filling in your coursework calendar, be sure to block off downtime for exercise, socializing, sleeping and recharging. As little as 20 minutes of exercise first thing in your morning provides more energy than another 20 minutes of sleep. Exercise is also a superior stress and anxiety reliever. Meditate, pray, or practice yoga or Tai Chi to increase your mindfulness and relaxation response, and be sure you feed your brain nutrient-rich, high-quality foods. Don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to sleep. Not getting enough deep REM sleep takes a huge toll on your concentration, cognitive performance, memory, problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Midway University’s online nursing RN-BSN program is designed for working nurses. Our high-quality, convenient, online program was recognized as one of America’s top nursing schools. If you’d like more information about earning a nursing degree on your schedule, contact us today.