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  • Alumni Spotlight - Norma Aylor '43

October 18, 2022

Norma Aylor, Class of 1943, recently visited campus to relish the memories of her student days.

After her mother’s passing, her father, who was a truck driver, sent her to the Kentucky Female Orphan School so she could gain an education. She was only 13 but trusted her dad to do what was right for her, saying, “It was the best decision my dad could have made for me. It changed my life and made me who I am today.”

Norma shared many stories about her time as a student, with one of her favorite memories being after church on Sundays, when they would receive a bagged lunch and have a picnic on the lawn under the trees.

She chuckled when she told how it was rare for young men to be on campus in those days so, when they would see one coming to visit, they would lean out of the window to shout, “Man on campus!”

Norma, who will be 97 this December, offers this advice to students, “Study hard and don’t goof off. Just make it enjoyable.”