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  • Christian Neira

"I have immense gratitude for the transformative experience I had during my time at Midway University. My journey began with a pursuit of knowledge in Business Administration, complemented by a minor in Sports Management. Little did I know that the small, organized classes and the dynamic environment at Midway would shape my future in ways I could have never imagined."

"The combination of academic excellence and my involvement with the soccer team played a pivotal role in shaping my character and skills. The close-knit community at Midway fostered an environment where I not only learned the theoretical aspects within my major but also developed practical skills that have proven invaluable in my professional journey."

"Upon graduating, I found myself equipped with a set of skills that extended beyond the realm of business administration. The communication skills honed during presentations, the attention to detail instilled in me through coursework, and the ability to network efficiently are attributes that I carry with me every day."

"Remarkably, my journey did not confine itself to the sports world. Thanks to the solid foundation laid at Midway, I am now successfully applying my skills in an entirely different industry—logistics. The ability to think independently and perceive opportunities where others see challenges has been instrumental in my current role."

"Moreover, I want to express my appreciation for the guidance provided regarding work visas and opportunities for international students. Midway University's commitment to support students, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, has been a guiding light. The opportunities to work on campus not only eased financial burdens but also provided invaluable real-world experience."

"Previously, I served as a coach for Orlando City SC and Montverde Academy, where I not only share my passion for sports but also mentor the next generation on the symbiotic relationship between education and athletics. Midway University's emphasis on holistic development laid the groundwork for me to not only succeed in my career but also to contribute positively to society."

"I extend my deepest thanks to Midway University for the unwavering support, the nurturing environment, and the tools for success that have shaped my journey. The lessons learned here have empowered me to be a confident, independent thinker, and I carry the Midway spirit with pride in every endeavor."

Christian Neira '18
B. S., Business Administration
Santiago, Chile

Christian Neira on the Job

Christian is from Santiago, Chile. He earned his Business Administration degree while playing on the men's soccer team. He is currently working in the logistics industry.