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  • Alumni Spotlight - Ethan Spalding '22

April 19, 2024

Midway University proudly recognizes Ethan Spalding, a distinguished 2022 graduate in Marketing and Communications, currently serving as the lead Distiller at Buzzard’s Roost Spirits in Louisville, KY.

Spalding’s decision to attend Midway University was driven by the institution's welcoming atmosphere and commitment to academic excellence. Reflecting on his choice, he remarked, "The campus felt like home—a nurturing environment where educational passion shines through. Midway's tight-knit community fosters mutual support and collaboration, making it an ideal learning environment." Spalding also appreciated the campus's navigability and quaint ambiance.

Among Spalding's fondest memories of Midway University are the meaningful relationships he forged with faculty and staff. He found their accessibility and willingness to address any concerns or inquiries invaluable. Additionally, Spalding proudly recalls his involvement in the Men's Golf Team, which clinched consecutive conference championships during his tenure.

During his time at Midway University, Spalding honed a diverse skill set encompassing communication, networking, teamwork, attention to detail, time management, and leadership. Outside of academia, he indulges in golf, guitar playing, and live music appreciation. Notably, Spalding achieved a hole-in-one during his freshman year of high school—an impressive feat.

Offering sage advice to future Eagles, Spalding emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and embracing challenges. He advocates for stepping out of one's comfort zone as a catalyst for personal growth and development.

Spalding's ethos resonates with Albert Einstein's profound words: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."