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  • Alumni Spotlight - Emily Woodside '17

May 20, 2024

Midway University proudly recognizes Emily Woodside, a distinguished 2017 graduate whose journey at Midway exemplifies resilience and dedication. 

Emily chose Midway University for its close-knit community and the opportunity to stay close to home. Reflecting on her choice, she shared, "Midway offered the perfect balance of academic excellence and a welcoming atmosphere. The online and evening options provided the flexibility I needed to work and raise my family while pursuing my education."

Among her cherished memories at Midway are the lasting friendships she formed. Late-night study sessions and early morning carpools are moments she fondly recalls, highlighting the camaraderie that made her college experience special.

Currently, Emily is dedicated to homeschooling her two daughters and serving as an Ambassador with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) on Midway’s campus. She remarked, "Being part of FCA is incredibly meaningful to me. It feels like a full-circle moment, returning to Midway not just as an alumna but as a servant leader in this faith-based community."

During her time at Midway, Emily explored both the nursing and education programs, gaining a robust skill set that prepared her for professional success. "Midway taught me problem-solving, multi-tasking, and professionalism—essential traits regardless of your career path," she noted. The opportunities available at Midway, when fully embraced, equip students with the practical skills needed for their futures.

Her advice to future Eagles is to take their time at Midway seriously. "Make the most of the opportunities you have been blessed with. Focus on maturing, taking on responsibilities, and transitioning into adulthood with success," she advises.

Emily appreciates the small-town feel of Midway, which was a perfect fit for her. "Having grown up in the area, the thought of attending a large university was intimidating. Midway felt like home," she reflected.

Outside of her professional and academic life, Emily enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially on their family farm. As a coach’s wife and soccer mom, she is often found cheering on the sidelines. Additionally, she has a passion for missionary work, having served in multiple countries around the world.

She expresses immense gratitude for the journey that brought her back to Midway. "I am so thankful to God for bringing me back to Midway for such a time as this. It is a true blessing!"

Her favorite Bible verse, Philippians 4:13, encapsulates her ethos: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

A special Midway memory that stands out for Emily is her oldest daughter waiting for her at the end of the platform during graduation. "Her embrace as I stepped off the platform made it all worth it," she recalled with pride.

Emily Woodside's journey is a testament to the enduring value of perseverance, faith, and the supportive community at Midway University.