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  • Alumni Spotlight: Meet Kristi Buffenmyer '93, '95

December 14, 2020

When Kristi Buffenmyer arrived her freshman year from Northern Ohio, without a car, to a small town in a state she had only driven through, she had no idea she would set her roots here. Kristi credits MidwayU for her career success and opportunities. Reflecting on her life as a student she said, “Midway gave me a sense of purpose, a feeling of belonging and being a part of something bigger than myself. It provided confidence in my abilities in the classroom, on the gym floor as a volleyball and basketball player, which allowed me to explore my own ideology and beliefs. It became my home away from home.”

Kristi is the retired volleyball coach at Western Hills High school in Frankfort, Kentucky, where she was head coach for 25 years. Currently, Kristi is Executive Director at Everyday Matters, LLC, which provides people with disabilities residential, day program, respite and community living.

Her advice to current students is to “make the most of your time at Midway and get involved in campus activities, attend the Last Supper, place a candle in the creek at the end of the Path of Opportunity for the Night of Lights and study on a blanket at the amphitheater.” She added, “Get to know your professors and most importantly the friends that you make, keep in touch with them, they will be forever friends.”