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  • Alumni Spotlight - Angela Kik '93, '12

November 10, 2023

Angela Kik received her ADN in 1993 and her BSN in 2012 from Midway University. She was a member of the Student Nursing Association. Today, Angela is a nurse supervisor who leads the Incident Management Team in the Preparedness and Response Branch for the KY Department of Public Health. Acting as the Operations Section Chief for the State Health Operations Center, Angela played a significant role in combating the COVID 19 Pandemic. She is the Emergency Support function 8 (Health and Medical) lead for state emergency operation center activations and works closely with the Kentucky National Guard, when activated.

People may not remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel.
Angela Kik '93, '12

Angela initially was drawn to Midway University for the small hometown feel and great reputation. One of her favorite memories is falling asleep on the couch in front of the fireplace in the Student Center between classes. She quickly learned that her instructors were her favorite part about MidwayU. “They knew my name and always encouraged me to succeed, set achievable goals and never quit pursuing them,” said Kik. Angela has been around the world a couple of times and has visited every state except Maine. She loves teaching and encouraging young people to go into nursing.