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  • Alumni Spotlight - Laura Mitchell Jefferson

September 28, 2018

Learn more about Midway University Class of 1999 alum Laura Mitchell Jefferson in this month's Alumni Spotlight! Major - Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

Hometown - Maysville, KY

Current town - Germantown, KY (13 miles from Maysville)

Job - Infrastructure Development Manager at Buffalo Trace Area Development District (retired June 30, 2018) What does Midway mean to you? - Midway offered the opportunity to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in a cohort in Maysville. Through Midway, I was able to show my children the importance of education.

How has Midway helped you professionally? - Once I obtained my degree, I was able to move to a different position within the organization where I worked. This “move” assisted with making a more financial secure environment for my family.

Hobbies/Interests - I am involved with my church. I enjoy watching sports and enjoy working outside in my yard. My interests vary, depending on what the children in my life are involved with. Now that I am retired, I anticipate that I will travel some.

Favorite Midway memory - Graduation is certainly a memory that is special. To my knowledge, when I graduated, I became the first person on my mother’s or father’s side of the family to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. Perhaps one thing that touched me most was when my husband was in the hospital for an extended time. It was getting close to Christmas. When I returned to class, the class gave me a Christmas card with a monetary gift in it to help purchase gifts for our kids. Many of the class had their own children to take care of, yet they chose to make a difference to my family.

Advice for future Midway grads - Some of you are non-traditional students like I was. Some of you are in your early 20's. Make sure you get your degree. No one can take your education away from you. The second piece of advice I would give you is to do your best in your career. Be fair with your effort to your employer. At the same time though, work to live; don’t live to work. Make your family a priority.

Any other info you would like to share - My husband passed away in 2010. We have two children. Rebecca is 28, lives in Lexington and is employed at Shriner’s. Rebecca is currently in the process of adopting an 11-year-old. Andrew is 22, lives at home, is employed at Toyota in Georgetown and is completing his Manufacturing Technology Degree from Morehead State University.