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  • Alumni Spotlight: Sierra Dewald '20

June 15, 2021
Originally from LaCrosse, WI, Sierra graduated from Midway University with a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Management in 2020. She currently lives in Frankfort, KY and works for the Thoroughbred Training Center as an Exercise Rider.

Why I Chose MidwayU

I first visited Midway when I was younger, and the moment I saw it, I knew that was where I wanted to go to college. The town, the campus, and of course the horses were the slice of heaven I needed to move away from home.

Favorite MidwayU Experience or Midway

The memories made with friends at Midway are ones I cherish, and I will never forget.

What MidwayU Means to Me

Midway truly was a home away from home. It was a place I always felt safe. Midway opened the door for many opportunities. What was once my future is now my reality, and I owe a lot of that to Midway.

Skills I learned at MidwayU

I came to Midway a girl and left a woman, ready to face what the world had to throw at me. The things I learned at Midway prepared me for a successful career in the equine industry and beyond. I have a lot of appreciation for the faculty, and coaches who supported me through my four years at Midway. They gave me a foundation, and that foundation grew each year, opening doors along the way.

Advice for Future Eagles

Soak in every moment you have in college. Enjoy the time and make memories. The time flies by, don’t take it for granted!


Currently galloping racehorses in the mornings and enjoying every minute of it. I plan to continue a career in the racing side of the equine industry.

Interesting Fact About You

A couple of summers ago, I worked with a chestnut filly. There were some forty horses in the barn, and she was my favorite. We always teased she was going to be the next big racehorse. A year later she became one of the only six fillies to win the Preakness Stakes and beat the boys. Her name…Swiss Skydiver.

Favorite Quote

“Never measure your progress with someone else’s ruler.”