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  • Alumni Spotlight - Jessica Lavon (Kutch) Owens, '11

May 18, 2021

Jessica Lavon (Kutch) Owens graduated early from Midway University in December 2011 with a BA in Equine Studies with a concentration in Business Management. Jessica was a member of the Midway tennis team. Originally from Culver, Indiana, she currently lives in Plymouth, Indiana where she is Head Tennis Coach for Culver Girls Academy and is a self-employed graphic designer. She is married and expecting her first child.

Her first career step in the equine field was directly related to her education at MidwayU. Her degree propelled her to make the leap and move to Oklahoma, where she was employed at The Jud Little Ranch as the Animal Records Manager and Media Manager. Without the experience and confidence gained from Midway, she would not have made this move.

When asked what Midway means to her, Jessica answered, “Midway means courage to me and a continuation of the close-knit family I experienced with private studies. I came from a non-horse family and going to Midway to make a career of this discipline was a leap of courage. Midway also means passion. The passion the faculty have for their students led me to gain that courage I sought in myself as well as my desire to teach students in some form or fashion.”

Jessica has a lot of favorite memories of MidwayU that include ringing the bell with the tennis team after winning an away match, taping horses in Equine Anatomy, working out at midnight and taking part in the Night of Lights ceremony at the end of the year.

Her advice for future Midway graduates is to cherish the little moments. The day-to-day can feel so rushed and insignificant. However, those moments you sit with your friends in their room just chatting about the mundane…those are the moments to relish. Jessica also urges students to take part in all the student activities - even if you're tired or it doesn't seem to be your "cup of tea.” You never know, you may meet your new best friend

. Jessica’s hobbies include the things she’s loved most of her life: tennis, horses, and art.