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  • Study Abroad

True to Midway University’s mission statement, our Study Abroad programs encourage individual growth, responsible citizenship, meaningful careers, and personalized education experiences.

Midway supports study abroad by sourcing major-study programs through reputable institutions and support organizations around the globe. All programs are vetted and carefully followed by our Student Affairs Office.

Options for Study Abroad include:

  • Study Abroad – Fall or Spring Semester
  • Study Abroad – Summer Semester (5-8 weeks)
  • Summer Internship Abroad
  • Summer Service Abroad

Any and all Abroad opportunities involving Midway students must be navigated through Midway Study Abroad, including outside programs and short-term trips.

Why should a student study abroad?

To improve in the core traits of: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Emotional Stability

    • To better adapt to diverse environments and people
    • To be more hirable
    • To earn a higher salary
    • To increase graduate school prospects
    • To experience long-term travel
    • To diversify learning environment & faculty influences
    • To learn another culture first-hand
    • To get out of a comfort zone
    • To increase problem solving & self confidence
    • To travel long-term while life circumstances allow space
    • To discover new interests & self awareness

Eligibility Requirements for Study Abroad

    • Have completed at least 24 credits at Midway
    • Have a minimum 2.75 GPA
    • Be in good standing with the University including the Business Office & Student Affairs

Midway’s Study Abroad Structure

Midway organizes study abroad opportunities through 3 different approaches.

Direct Partners – Midway has specific, ongoing agreements with Harlaxton College (Harlaxton, England), Hartpury University (Gloucester, England), and ISI Abroad (Florence & Perugia, Italy). Students may study abroad at these institutions and will receive preferred admission.

Partner Organizations – If a student wishes to study abroad in a location that is not where we have a Direct Partner, we can help with options that are supported by helpful oversight.

Single Direct Institutions – If a learning opportunity arises and is not covered by a Direct Partner or a Partner Organization, we can work together to find a route for you. The world is at your fingertips.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid may be available for your study abroad program. The first step of considering Study Abroad includes a meeting with the Financial Aid office to discuss your options. For a Fall or Spring semester, your FAFSA may cover some or all of the costs (for 12-15 credits). For a Summer semester, a Pell Grant or Stafford loan may be an option (for 6 credits). The Midway Financial Aid Counselors will be able to guide you during a personal evaluation.


The following scholarships are independent of Midway University. The study abroad coordinator and academic faculty may be able to help with some aspects of scholarship applications.

For more information about Midway’s study abroad opportunities, visit the Academic Affairs Office in the Starks Center.