Student Resources

At Midway College we offer a myriad of resources to help students engage in the campus community and succeed in their coursework. Moreover, we strive to ensure students can access resources easily in order to gain the assistance. This ease of access ranges from close proximity to classroom parking to an online activity calendar, and wireless hotspots on campus.

In addition to providing a student-centered campus climate, several academic support resources are available to help students succeed. Midway College offers Math, Writing and Science labs to support students who are struggling with their coursework. Additionally, one on one and group sessions that cover topics such as test anxiety and note-taking skills are provided. This commitment to academic support is seen through the tracking of students supported by theses resources.

As stated in our mission, Midway College “empowers students to lead through a professionally orientated liberal arts education.” Utilizing a comprehensive student support resource program Midway College provides students with the opportunity to succeed in the classroom and the workplace.

For more information on the resources found within this section, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 859/846-5390.